Spring AAA Hockey

           We welcome all players of any skill level to be apart of the Evolution AAA team.
Evolution will give every player the opportunity to join a team and we will provide the necessary training to advance their skill/level to be prepared for the AAA Spring season.

                   Evolution's AAA development program is unique in comparison to all other organizations. We own an ice surface resulting in more flexible training schedules. Evolution's ownership of a rink provides stability and consistency for development programs and access all year round at one convenient location. Our team of coaches/trainers are experienced professionals ensuring the players receive proper leadership and quality game time instruction. We utilize a variety of the top Montreal trainers contributing to a greater rate of skill advancement/progress.

 Developers: Gaston Gingras / Chris Anderson / Mike Stinziani / Jeremy Da Ponte / James Lachance / Shayne Jackson /  Mike Jackson / Marco Raimondo / Cassandra Poudrier

Coaches:  Chris Anderson / James Lachance  / Shayne Jackson / Mike Jackson / Mike Stinziani / Jeremy Da Ponte 




Tryouts are located and available on the blackout page: CLICK HERE 

Option A- Join a team organised by Evolution

Tournaments: 3 tournaments per team
Games Jersey and Socks Included
12 Team practices
AAA cost: $875 plus tax

Evolution Ice AAA is a big commitment. Please be 100% sure you are willing and able to commit to the program and the team.

Option B Franchise - Make your own team:

Play under the Evolution Banner and we will help co-ordinate training sessions and booking tournaments, an A- Z solution 


Things to consider
Evolution Ice AAA is a big commitment. Please be 100% sure you are willing and able to commit to the program and the team.

AAA practices and tournaments may conflict with other activities. The AAA team must be given priority (within reason). ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU DECIDE TO QUIT AT ANY POINT, FOR ANY REASON.

Evolution AAA Franchise

If you would like  run and control your own team with the benefit of Evolution Ice's resources feel free to contact shawn@evolutionice.ca

Email shawn@evolutionice.ca to inquire on how to join the AAA program

2017 SEASON 4Glace Pierrefonds

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Please note 4Glace refers to Pierrefonds, and Evolution is at Evolution Ice

Practice Schedule