Spring Youth Hockey League

More puck time, More goals, More Fun!

3 v 3 Hockey 

Evolution Ice is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Sixth annual Spring Youth League!
As always, Evolution Ice will host a multiple level Spring Hockey League for Single and Double letters so that everyone can play at their suitable levels. Our league will run for twelve weeks and each team will play a total of 12 one hour games.  Building upon previous years’ sensational seasons of play, we cordially invite you to join the action beginning this April. Those who participated last year can attest to the high level of organization and professionalism which ultimately lead to a fun and memorable experience! 

Why Evolution 3v3?
We have the best reputation in Montreal for league management and team level balancing. This helps avoid big score differentials and ensures enjoyment by the players.
3v3 is a fast paced game with more puck time and goals which contributes to a players individual development and skill advancement.



  • Pre-Novice to Junior (YOB 2013 to 1997)

  • - PreNovice/Novice have 2 options -
    Option 1: Only games  Option 2: Saturdays 10am/11am/12pm - 30 min drills 30 min game $275)
  • - Double Letter and Single Letter Divisions Atom to Junior
  • - A to C divisions Novice and Pre Novice
  • - Register by individual or Full team


  • 12 games including Playoffs/Consolation (18 minute periods)
  • Evolution Ice Jersey & Socks
  • Referee / Score Keeper
  • Online Stats
  • Chance to win Evolution Ice Hockey League Cup
  • 21+ year old qualified Hockey Quebec certified referees to ensure that games are played fairly
  • Divisions are balanced by professional evaluators 
  • League manager present for every game, so that any issues may be addressed immediately.


  • Customized jersey Package: Includes choice of color, players name on back, choice of number. Must register before March 1st to have a choice.
  • Team Sponsorship Package: Get sponsored by a company and we will include choice of Jersey color, players name on back, choice of numbers, company logo on jerseys, board advertisement and logo featured on website sponsors page.
  • Certified Coach: Have a professional coach hired to run the team during all the games


1st week of April 2018 through June 2018

Still accepting registrations until we are full


  • Individual Registration: $274.99 tax included
  • Team Registration: 3 V 3 $2399.99 tax included 
  • 3v3 Based on 10 players $240/player 
  • Team Registration with Jersey Customization Package:$2799.99
  • Team Registration with Sponsorship Package: $3599.99 
  • Certified Coach - add $500 to any of the above team packages (email: shawn@evolutionice.ca to add this option)

  • Please email shawn@evolutionice.ca to register or fill out the form below.


Ryan Smith

Ryan is always available to answer any and all questions in a professional and timely manner. Ryan's  management skills will ensure the Evolution Youth League is run efficiently maximizing an enjoyable experience of players and parents alike.

Please email shawn@evolutionice.ca to register

Or fill out the form below.

Payments should be collected from players by team managers/coaches. (Single registrations to be paid directly to Evolution Ice) One payment should be made to Evolution Ice. A deposit is required at the time of registration and full payment before first game is played.

Cancellation Policy
NO REFUNDS will be given.

Jerseys and Socks
Jerseys and Socks will be ready and prepared at the first game.

This Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behavior that is expected of all EVOLUTION ICE players, including athletes, coaches, parents, and employees. EVOLUTION ICE is committed to providing a sport learning environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Members shall conduct themselves at all times in a fair and responsible manner. Members shall refrain from comments or behaviors that are violent, disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. In particular, conduct that constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated by EVOLUTION ICE organizers. During the course of all hockey activities and events, members shall avoid behavior that brings disrepute to the organization and to the sport of hockey. Destruction of property and/or vandalism will result in a penalty fee ($$). Members shall at all times adhere to EVOLUTION ICE operational and discipline policies and procedures, to rules governing events and activities and to rules governing any competitions in which the member participates on behalf of EVOLUTION ICE. Members shall not engage in any activity or behavior that interferes with a competition or with any athlete’s preparation for a competition, or which endangers the safety of others. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the policies of EVOLUTION ICE. Such action may result in the member losing the privileges that come with membership in EVOLUTION ICE Programs, and the opportunity to participate in any future activities.


Length of Games:

Game length: 3 x 17 minute running time periods, clock starts immediately following the completion of a period.

-In the final minute of the game, if the referee deems that a team is purposely delaying with late / long line changes, he will award the opposing team one (1) penalty shot.

-At the referee’s discretion, if a team is not prepared to start the game after warm-up, he will award one (1) penalty shot to the opposing team for every two (2) minutes that a team is not ready to play, i.e no goalie and or/less than 2 players on the ice.

Game Results:

-If after the end of regulation and the game is tied, a three (3) player shootout will take place. If after which the game remains tied, then it will be a sudden death shootout. A team must use all its players before being able to re-use a player in the shootout.


- (3) Penalties in 1 game will be ejected.

-any body contact, or “major” penalty, will be ejected.

-any player(s) involved in a fight will be ejected and subject to suspension.

-Any verbal abuse directed towards the referee or the opposing team by a PLAYER or COACH, will NOT be tolerated and such will be removed from the game and subject to further discipline.
- Any verbal abuse directed towards the referee or ANY PLAYER by a PARENT, will NOT be tolerated and be required to leave the building. Further discipline will ensue.

Team Rosters:

A team requiring the use of a “spare” player must inform management prior to the start of the game. Management will ensure that such player is indeed eligible to play. A player deemed eligible, will be required to “check-in” at the office with the on-site manager before being allowed to step on the ice.

Teams caught not following the above procedure and/or using an illegal player will forfeit their game.